Sample Star Certificate

Here is a sample of a Christian Star Certificate like the one you will receive with your Christian Star portfolio. You will choose the name of the star, the constellation in which your star resides, the date of occasion, the giver's name and even add a customized personal message. Each Christian Star is custom printed on high-quality acid-free parchment certificate paper with an embedded Gold Foiled and Embossed seal... please note that the scan below doesn't do the original certificate justice!



The additional documents that come with your Christian Star include a friendly personalized Greeting Letter and a Star Gazette information sheet with scientific data about your particular star. Also included is a star map. Each star map is custom printed for your order with the location of your star marked in the center. These documents are printed on a pebble textured high-quality paper stock for durability. Everything arrives in a 4-color Millennium Chronicle Portfolio, ready to present to the star's recipient immediately!



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