Inspirational Messages

Here are some ideas for your Custom Message. The message must not be longer than 60 characters, including letters, numbers and spaces. Of course, you can come up with your own special message. Be creative and have fun... Order Now!



  • An opening in heaven for your love to shine down on us all.
  • Celebrate God's greatness.
  • God Bless you and Keep You
  • God Bless You.
  • God is with you wherever you go.
  • God placed a star in heaven to celebrate your life.
  • God sent Earth and angel, and placed her star in the heavens.
  • God's beauty was painted in you.
  • God's love is a deep river that lasts through eternity.
  • Growing in God's good grace.
  • I look at the stars every night and thank God for you.
  • I wish you spiritual peace, inner strength & universal joy
  • Know that I am praying for you always.
  • Like your star, you too are a gift from God.
  • May God look over you from the heavens.
  • May the stars and God be your guide.
  • May your life always include God's light.
  • May your light of God in you shine for everyone always!
  • You are forever part of God's magnificent creation.
  • We look at the stars every night a thank God for you.
  • You are one of God's shining stars.
  • You are part of God's magnificent creation.
  • Your star shines bright in the mirror or your creator.
  • When they saw the star they were full of joy. Matthew 2:10
  • He counts the stars and calls them by name. Ps 147:4
  • Look up. Trust Him, Find hope!

New Birth

  • And God placed a star in heavens the day you were born.
  • When you were born, God smiled and put a star in the heavens.
  • Welcome to the World and may God Bless you always.

Christening/ Baptismal

  • God Bless you on your Christening Day!
  • Into the arms of the Lord are you borne.

In Memory Of

  • God has you in his keeping; We have you in our hearts.
  • Good Night And God Bless.
  • May God Bless your Little Angel.
  • Until you are rejoined in the cup of God's hand...
  • Taken into God's care on eagle's wings.


  • A long time ago I made a wish and God gave me you.
  • God created the stars. Now one is for my love for you.
  • For a love God wrote in the stars.
  • From the Heavens into my arms God sent you. I Love You.
  • May God bless our love & shine bright in the heavens forever.
  • Our love expands God's universe.
  • The awesome God who made this star also brought us together.
  • You will always be the Light that God holds true in my eyes.
  • Your love to me is like God's starry light shining on Earth.

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