Holiday Shipping Guidelines

Because we rely on the United States Postal Service to deliver our packages to you, there are certain times of the year when extra lead-time is needed to ensure prompt delivery of your Star Deed Portfolio. We usually ship the same day we receive your order, but the post office is not perfect, and mail can be delayed for a variety of reasons. Because of the sheer volume of mail that is sent during certain holidays, we recommend that you allow extra time above and beyond the normal delivery estimates below:

USPS Shipping Estimates:

United States Priority Mail 4-6 business days
United States Express Mail 1-3 business days
International First Class Mail (Standard) 14-60+ business days
International Express Mail 5-7 business days
If you need it quicker, you can order a
Star Deed & Map digital (emailed) version instead here.


Holiday Schedule

NOTE: For holiday orders, we estimate
that we need to receive your orders by
the following dates. (Cut off time of 3pm PST)


 Valentine's Day: February 14th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  February 8th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Express  February 9th, 2018
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  February 5th, 2018
 Mother's Day: May 13th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  May 8th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Express  May 10th, 2018
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  May 2nd, 2018
 Father's Day: June 17th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  June 12th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Express  June 14th, 2018
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  June 6th, 2018
 Grandparents' Day: September 9th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  September 4th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Express  September 6th, 2018
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  August 30th, 2018
 Hanukkah: December 2nd, 2018 - December 10th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  November 27th - December 4th
 Ship Within US: Express  November 29th - December 6th
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  November 21st - November 30th
 Christmas: December 25th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Standard  December 19th, 2018
 Ship Within US: Express  December 20th, 2018
 International: Standard  Varies
 International: Express  December 14th, 2018

These dates are reasonable estimates
and are not guarantees!







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